Women's Ministry


Vision for the Women of Draper’s Valley Presbyterian Church

Our mission and purpose is to coordinate the work and activities of the women who complement and support the body of Christ at Draper’s Valley Presbyterian Church.   


Our ministry is comprised of Women’s Ministry Board, Committees, and Sister Groups.   


The Board consists of seven women who collaborate with committees and sister groups to fulfil the mission and purpose.  


The Sister groups are networks which inspire and encourage connections, submit prayers and relay information.      


The Committees include: 

  • Outreach/Evangelism – Women’s Local Ministries
  • Mission to North America and Local missions 
  • Compassion Corps - Nourishing and nurturing with meals and congregational outreach 
  • Mentoring - Women, girls and children in Bible study and their walk with the Lord. 
  • Special Events - Plan and support opportunities for women’s fellowship 
  • Congregational Fellowship- fosters fellowship for the congregation as a whole.     


Your offering to Women's Minustry supports these endeavors which, in turn, uplifts our congregation and our community. 

Bible Studies.


We have two Circle groups at this time. They meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

  • Circle 1 meets at 10:00 am (First Tuesday)
  • Circle 2 meets at 1:00 pm (First Tuesday

Women's Ministry Board

Administrator - Debbie Kelley

Secretary - Sunshine Cooper

Treasurer - 

Historian - Pat Guthrie

Christian Growth - Sharon Pratt

Sister Coordinator - Susannah Whitener

Circle Coordinator - Sharon Pratt



Questions can be directed to anyone of the board members.

 Sister Groups

Their function is to minister to the woman in the church as well as to be helpers to the men.

There are eleven Sister Groups with 13 -16 members, each being led by a Sister Leader.



Women in the church who are seeking to stimulate one another to love and good works as we love and serve our great God.



The purpose of the Sister Groups is to provide intentional communication, prayer, and information to all the women in the church as it flows from the Women’s Ministry Board. This information pertains to the ministry needs of the women and the work of the congregation providing an opportunity to be life-givers to one another and the congregation through what we are calling CPR.


Connecting.................... women to women


P Prayer............................ for one another


R Relay.............................. ministry opportunities


Who IS INCLUDED IN these sister groups? 

ALL women who attend DVPC - every young girl (8 years & up), young women (teens), and adult women have all been enfolded into a sister group.


Some facts about these groups:

Please keep in mind that this is a new and developing ministry…We would love your prayerful suggestions 

  • These groups will have no designated meetings but will be designed by each individual sister leader as the needs of the group develop.
  • Bible study opportunities will be made available as designated by the Ministry Board, Elder oversight, and the prayerful consideration of each group.
  • Groups are encouraged to join each other for different opportunities for fellowship, Bible Study and ministry opportunities. In other words, it’s good to mingle the groups together.
  • For the beginning of this new idea we have arranged the groups geographically for ease of ministry.
  • Members of the groups are encouraged to pray for each other, send cards when appropriate and be aware of each other’s needs.
  • As to communication, each member should let her sister leader know which mode of communication she prefers.


Monthly Bible Study

Monthly Newsletter

Umbrella Ministry Model



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