Capital Campaign 2017


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Pursuing His Glory

On Sunday, May 7, we officially began our capital campaign. With God’s blessing, we will seek to raise sufficient funds to undertake various projects to improve our capacity to minister well to our church family and the world, and to provide a stronger foundation for future generations to pursue the glory of God.

Pastor Bob’s sermons for the next 4 weeks will be about what it means to Pursue His Glory and how the campaign will help us to do so in precisely this place where the Lord has placed us. You can listen to these sermons right here on our website.

Please view the brief video below that highlights important features of the campaign project in relation to its theme.

We want this campaign to be a spiritual journey more than a classic fundraiser.  We want every decision you make to be a spiritual decision before it is a financial one.  We want the campaign to deepen our faith.

Our whole campaign is built on prayer.  Our highest goal for the campaign is to have every member of the church pray the following prayers on a sustained basis from May 7 until Commitment Sunday, June 11:  

“Dear Lord, what would you do through me to accomplish your vision in our church?  Help me discern a sacrifice for our campaign that is meaningful and joyful.”

Also, included below is our Case Statement and a list of FAQs’ (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)


Capital Campaign Case Statement

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


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